CRD Director says he was interviewed by police over sewage project board

A CRD Director has suggested the RCMP sniffed around the provincially appointed project board running the region's sewage treatment project.

During an interview with CFAX's Adam Stirling, Director John Ranns said he himself had been interviewed by the RCMP. "There's a group of engineers and lawyers that have put together the most remarkable chronology of events through this whole process and have filed complaints with police. I have been interviewed by the police. They filed complaints with the ombudsman, with the society of engineers, I don't know where that complaint has gone. Nobody wants to touch this."

Ranns' statement came during a discussion over why the provincially appointed project board is pushing technology that Ranns sees as expensive and out of date for integrated resource management and is not considering other technologies. Further, Director Ranns claims certain companies are being left off a proposed tour of sewage sites in Europe.

It's not known if the complaint to police went anywhere or if it lead to a further investigation. CFAX has requested comment from the Mounties, as well as the project board and provincial government. The CRD itself tells CFAX it has no formal notification of an investigation by the RCMP.

The integrated resource management aspect of the project involves the piping of sewage sludge from McLoughlin Point to the Hartland Landfill. That's where sludge will be processed through something called anaerobic digestion into Class-A biosolids. Ranns says there are companies willing to work with raw sludge, saving the CRD the cost of piping sludge to the landfill and the anaerobic digestion facility, but those options are being left out.

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