CRD doesn't need to treat sewage sludge says Metchosin mayor

It's money we don't need to spend to treat sewage sludge.

That's according to Metchosin Mayor, John Ranns, who says there are double efforts being made to handle sewage sludge coming from the proposed sewage treatment plant.  The budget for sludge treatment is $189 million.  Plans include piping the sludge 18 kilometers from the plant at McLoughlin Point to Hartland Landfill.

Ranns who is a member of the CRD's integrated resource management committee tells CFAX several of the companies interested in dealing with the sludge say they don't need the material treated first.

"Some of them have said you don't even need to pay for it.  There's enough money to be achieved through their processes with all of our waste stream that they would design it, build it, finance it, own it and operate it."

Ranns says one process negates the other.

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