CRD looking at fighting algae blooms in Elk/Beaver Lakes


Elk and Beaver Lake could be getting some much-needed ammo in the fight against seasonal blooms of blue-green algae. 

Beaver Lake has a swimming ban on right now because of algae blooms. Recent reports indicate these algae blooms have become more frequent and are lasting longer.

That's got the CRD considering spending almost 2 million dollars to end the recurrence of the naturally occurring bacteria. 
"It's that important that we should take care of it for sure, that's my personal belief."

Parks committee chairman Mike Hicks says the system would use a process known as high-efficiency oxygenation, which would pump in oxygen and improve water quality by reducing the release of sediment phosphorus. "The staff has said they're going to come back with a thorough report and make a decision."

Hicks says once the business case is presented the CRD will vote on the idea, he also says it would help ensure a healthy fishery and would not interfere with lake recreation.

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