CRD seeks public input on Malahat speed cameras 

There's a new development in the ongoing effort to encourage drivers to curb their speed on the Malahat.

The Capital Regional District Traffic Safety Commission wants your input on a proposal to test speed cameras on the busy route.

'Point to point' speed enforcement measures how quickly a vehicle travels between two electronic markers.

If you're going too fast, you'll receive a speeding ticket by mail.

Colin Plant is Chair of the CRD's Traffic Safety division. He says research shows this technology saves lives:

"We found in two jurisdiction in Europe, death decreased by 50 percent as a result of speed enforcement being monitored by interval or point-to-point cameras. So it is something that makes a difference."

Information and a short video about this type of speed control can be found here:

There is also a link on the site to email your suggestions directly to Public Safety Minister Farnworth by March 1.

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