CRD votes to delay decision on lowering Hartland Landfill tipping fees

The CRD has delayed a decision on lowering tipping fees at the Hartland Landfill until they hear from the Solid Waste Advisory Committee -- but in order to do that the committee needs to be revived.

Staff recommend lowering the fees from $110 per tonne, to $105 per tonne-- saying the lower fee would reduce the amount of garbage being disposed of in cheaper jurisdictions.  Private haulers account for most of the waste at Hartland landfill, but at least two have used cheaper facilities in Vancouver and Washington state where fees are $80 and $60 per tonne respectively.

But Juan de Fuca Director Mike Hicks says the recommendation makes no sense at this time:

"And until we have a plan  for our garbage we have to keep reducing the garbage at Heartland, not encourage more of it to come."

Langford Director Denise Blackwell moved the board revive an industry-private citizen committee to receive feedback before making changes. The motion passed at noth the Environment Service Coimmittee, and the CRD Board.

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