CTF inflates "ICBC Monopolist Man" at BC legislature

A giant, 10 metre tall balloon man was blown up on the lawn of the Legislature to protest ICBC and demand more options.

The balloon was put up by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, who are demanding the government open the auto-insurance market to private companies, and end ICBC's stranglehold on the industry.

The CTF says there should be more options available for people, especially since BC drivers are currently paying the most for gas in all of North America.

The balloon man, nicknamed Baron Von Fender Bender, wears an ICBC blue suit and hat, and holds a cigar in one hand and a burning stack of cash on the other. 

The CTF will be taking the Baron to cities across BC this summer, to urge politicians to take action and end ICBC's monopoly on the auto insurance industry

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