Death at Mill Bay ferry terminal ruled inconclusive


The BC Coroner's Service has ruled the death of a man at the Mill Bay Ferry Terminal 4 years ago is inconclusive.

89 year old John William Barton died on September 15th, 2015 after his car drove off the Mill Bay ferry dock. An autopsy revealed that he had severe coronary heart disease, with 80% of his coronary arteries obstructed. 

Coroner Andrew Washburn says it's possible Barton suffered cardiac arrest leading to an unintended drive into the ocean.  It's also possible he took a wrong turn and found himself in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, and in his confusion accidentally accelerated into the water.

Washburn says the third option is that he could have intentionally driven his car up the ferry ramp into the ocean.

In the end the coroner could not rule out any of the 3 scenarios and classified the death as undetermined, and made no recommendations.

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