Democracy Watch challenges Conflict Commissioner findings

Democracy Watch says there are too many unanswered questions surrounding BC Premier Christy Clark's involvement with Liberal supporters at party fundraisers.

Democracy Watch co-founder Duff Conacher says that's why his group is launching a Supreme Court challenge of the BC Conflict of Interest Commissioner's ruling that found no conflict existed.

Speaking on CFAX 1070 Conacher says there are also questions surrounding the impartiality of the commissioner himself as Paul Fraser's son is a Deputy Minister with the provincial government.

Conacher says there also needs to be investigation into whether the private interests of the donors, who paid up to $20-thousand to meet with the Premier behind closed doors, affected Clark's policy decisions in connection with those donors.

"And that's an insue that the Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser actually refused to even consider. He didn't even try to find out who attended these events, andwhether maybe the next day after the event the premier was handing out a contract to one of the donors."

Conacher hopes the Supreme Court will find that there needs to be an independent re-examination of the issue, by someone not affilated with any political party.


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