Desjardins vs Roe in Esquimalt

In the municipality of Esquimalt, incumbent Mayor Barb Desjardins has one opponent so far.

John Roe -- President of the Veins of Life Watershed Society -- says he has 17-million reasons to run.  That's the amount Esquimalt will get from the CRD as part of the McLoughlin Amenity Funds -- compensation for putting the sewage treatment plant in the community.

Desjardins says those amenity funds are for specific expenditures only, and have a time limit in which to be used.

"Funds must be invested within 5 years.  That was as of last year.  So you must go through an extensive public consultation process for the spending of these funds."

Desjardins is running for her fourth term as Esquimalt Mayor.

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