Did Victoria councillor's vote on military funding cause NDP friction?

Victoria Councillor Laurel Collins, and federal NDP candidate for the Victoria riding, says when you make a mistake, you own up and correct it. But she's not saying if the NDP party influenced her change of heart.

" I made a mistake, and I really wish I could go back and vote differently. Luckily it's a committee vote, which means the official vote is coming up this Thursday. So, I will get the opportunity to vote against the amendment."

Collins supported Ben Isitt's motion aimed at recovering costs to help stage military events -- including Remembrance Day.  The amount for all events is $15,200 annually.

The move drew swift and rabid response from the public and military, here and across the country, with many saying the fact it happened on the 75th anniversary of D-Day added insult to injury.

Collins released a statement Friday, with NDP letterhead, expressing regret for supporting the motion, acknowledging the timing was terrible coming on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and saying she would not support the amendment when it comes up Thursday for a final vote.

But Collins was evasive when asked if she felt pressure from the NDP party on the issue, saying only that the first backlash she got was from the public:

" You know, the first reaction I got was from citizens, and immediately, you know I realized what, especially on the day, on D-Day, it was just horrifying to me.  And so I reached out to some of my colleagues and, you know, apologized. I similarly, you know, put out a statement on Facebook apologizing to our residents." 

Meantime, with Marianne Alto also withdrawing support, and Mayor Helps and Councillors Young and Thornton-Joe opposing it originally, the amendment no longer has the support to pass a final vote.


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