District of Saanich creating new process for public input in strategic and financial plans

The District of Saanich is starting to develop a citizen engagement process for their strategic and financial plans.

There is up to $200,000 allocated to creating an inclusive and comprehensive plan, which will align with Council's four-year term beginning in 2019 after the next municipal election this fall. 

Councillor Vicki Sanders hopes that citizens want to get engaged in the process.

"I think it's just a personal thing, if people want to become involved in budget that's their personal preference it's always good to let council know what's important," Sanders said. "We've done citizen survey for years and asking people where they would like their money spent, this is a little bit more involved."

Public feedback will be sought later in the year, following a request for proposals issued in late spring to hire a qualified consultant to develop the engagement program.

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