District of Saanich to consider plastic bag ban

The councillor putting forward a motion to restart discussions on a plastic bag ban knows the move won't be popular with everyone.

Susan Brice said she thinks Saanich residents will be generally supportive of the ban, but knows there won't be 100 per cent support.

“We have in Saanich a community with very strong environmental values,” Brice said. “Certainly nothing is ever supported 100 percent by anyone at first, but I think we’re in very strong footing to move in this direction.”

Brice had initially introduced the motion last year, but then discussions were paused until after Victoria had completed their court challenge.

“That now has been resolved, and so I am asking council now to return to discussion on this issue, and in fact, given what has happened, to shift our thoughts to as close as possible replicating the Victoria model,” Brice said.

The motion to resume discussion and direct staff to research the next steps in the ban will be introduced July 9 at the council meeting.

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