Disturbing video shows man throwing explosive at sea lions

Most people find the video disturbing, while those who have posted it see it as a way to ensure the future of the west coast fishery.

An online video, apparently showing a man throwing an explosive into B.C. waters teeming with sea lions is generating online outrage — on both sides of the issue.

The video was posted by a group of sport, commercial and First Nations fishers who aim to protect B.C. fish stocks by culling seals and sea lions.

It shows a man throwing a bear banger into the water to scare the sea lions away from a boat that was taking samples of local herring stocks to measure roe percentages.

Michael Harris, a photojournalist and wildlife specialist at ABC News Seattle and owner/principal creative at Baby Wild Films says we need to have some serious scientific discussions about what to do about the overabundance of seals who are decimating the salmon which are crucial to our dwindling whale population.

"At the same time I love sea lions, I love seals, they're a big part of my film, I've covered them for years as a wildlife specialist. They're fascinating animals, but we don't have enough salmon to go around.  So what do we do?”

Fisheries and Oceans Canada tweeted Thursday that it is illegal to disturb seals and sea lions, and asked the public to report any disturbances to the authorities.

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