Dog that attacked 4 people at Colwood house party to be euthanized

The Capital Regional District's Animal Control department says a decision has been made to put down a Pit Bull-Mastiff cross that bit 4 people, including the owner, at a Colwood party Saturday.

Chief Bylaw Officer Don Brown says the decision is in the public interest:

" We've discussed this with the parties involved, and we've decided in the best interest of public safety and liability issues, that the best decision is to put the dog down unfortunately."

The 4-year-old 100 pound rescue dog was reportedly startled, and became aggressive, after intoxicated house guests began rough housing and bumped him.

Brown says the dog would not be able to be safely re-homed:

" You know the odd time we are able to re-home a dog, but we can't take that chance with the severity of the attack on these people."

Brown adds this case should serve as a cautionary tale to those wanting to adopt a rescue, saying it's important to know the history of an animal you are bringing into your home and community.  But in this case staff were unable to learn why the first owner gave him up:

"There's lots of reputable agencies in town to adopt a dog from so I don't know why people would go outside the area. Because we adopt dogs, SPCA, you know Victoria Humane Society, there's multiple agencies where people can get dogs from. And again, there was some history, we don't know what it was because it comes from another area. We were unable to find out why the previous owner wanted to get rid of the dog."

The owner of the dog, who was also bitten, will not face charges.  All 4 victims were treated in hospital and released.


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