Driver fined $575 for tossing lit cigarette out his car window

A 21 year old driver has found out the hard way that it's a bad idea to throw your lit cigarette butt out the car window.

When he flicked his cigarette out onto the Pat Bay Highway Saturday night, he immediately got pulled over by the driver behind him -- Victoria Chief Constable Del Manak.

Manak fined the driver $575:

" It's obviously at that $575, which is quite steep, for a reason. For dropping, releasing, or mishandling any burning substance, and being irresponsible, unknowing what the consequences may or may not be. Whether it's in a car, whether you are walking on the sidewalk, or whether you are at a campground, it's just irresponsible, it's dangerous, and it shouldn't be done."

Manak's tweet about the incident attracted nationwide attention.


In it, he reminds drivers there are "575 reasons to not throw your lit cigarette out the car window."

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