Eagle takes hawk under wing


A heartwarming nature story is unfolding in the sky above a Sidney neighbourhood. 

An unlikely tale of a bald eagle taking a baby red hawk into its own nest. 

Dr. David Bird with the Sidney Hancock Wildlife Foundation says this is a rare sight, not often found in nature, a bald eagle appears to have adopted a baby red-tailed hawk. "The hormonal drive to kill that red tail and feed it to the eaglets got overridden  by the hormonal drive to feed it instead and raise it up to full size."

The red hawk is half the age and a quarter the size of the eaglets and it'll have to survive another two weeks before striking out on its own. "If for some reason things get a little tight in the nest in terms of food one of those eaglets gets hunger. They're going to look at that hawk and say I'm bigger than you and they could just start squeezing the life ou of the hawk and start eating it."

This nest has been a local attraction in Sidney for ten years and in that time no one has every witnessed anything like this eagle taking a hawk under its wing. 

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