Emergency Weather Protocol has been activated in Victoria

With temperatures expected to dip to -4 and winds up to 60 kms an hour, the Emergency Weather Protocol has been activated in Victoria for tonight. 

Regional Coordinator Jen Wilde says 415 shelter beds will be available:

"We've opened up our second tier of our extreme weather program, which means that we've added another 20 mats to Our Place just to make sure that we have enough space for everybody that's seeking shelter. Those shelter spaces have not been fully filling up so we are still able to accommodate anybody that's coming g to seek shelter.

There is also a Transport Van that picks people up between 9 pm and midnight at various locations and gets them to shelters.

"They pick people up at a variety of different locations. Rock Bay Landing, the Salvation Army A-R-C, and Our Place Society. So that van just sort of drives around, and around, and around and makes sure that we get everybody into a space."

A warming station will be open at Our Place for those just wanting to have something hot to drink.

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