Employer Health tax is 'good policy' says B.C. premier

The Employer Health Tax has been the centre of debate in British Columbia recently, but the premier says the tax is here to stay.

At a Victoria Chamber luncheon premier John Horgan says the employer health tax will actually be the lowest in the country.

“We will have the lowest Employer Health tax in the country and it will be phased in from 500,000 payroll up to 1.5-million payroll,” Horgan said. “We will continue to consult, we will continue to listen to people but this is what the rest of the country is doing. This is not an anomaly, this is catching up with the rest of the provinces and I think it's good policy at the end of the day.”

Victoria mayor, Lisa Helps says she would like the tax to be phased in over five years, rather than 12 months.

“I think it needs to be a five year phase in to give people time to adjust,” Helps said. “It sounds like it’s here to stay. Phasing it in over five years will give more time, municipalities, non-profits, businesses. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request.”

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