End of Douglas Street and Mile 0 transformation?


There's a new vision for the end of Douglas Street at Mile O along with Beacon Hill Park and it would be quite the transformation.

A Cascadia Architects design commissioned through the James Bay Neighborhood Association shows a pedestrian walkway that extends From Douglas Street from Humboldt to Mile O and actually over passes Dallas Road to lookout over the Ocean.

Marge Damant, President of the Association says they want to make it look friendlier to pedestrians. “We want to change to look of Douglas, the feel of Douglas and the way people could use Douglas itself.”

The design also calls for widening walkways along the beacon hills side of Douglas Street and turning two roadways into bike paths.

At this point the vision is just an idea on paper though but it has been sent into the City of Victoria to examine.

You can see a full design here.

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