Eyewitness says grey Dodge Dakota sped off after hitting young cyclist


An eyewitness first on the scene of a hit and run on Willis Point Friday night says he's thinking twice about riding his bike now.
"She was up in the air for a good twenty feet, I'm sitting here at home and I'm shaking so bad."

Paul Robinson, a bus driver, was right there to witness the grim scene unfold at 4 p.m. Friday afternoon. He was also the there to help the 14-year injured girl as she lay in the ditch. 
He found out her name is Megan and she is 14 years old.

Robinson says a late model Grey Dodge Dakota swerved and hit the cyclist, stopped briefly and then sped off. 

Emergency crews responded and took the girl to the hospital. 

Robinson believes the Cyclist is a member of team BC. "She's actually one of the competitors that would be one of our future possibly Olympic cyclists, so that really goes to my heart."

Robinson, a cyclist himself, says he's ridden the same stretch of road but will think twice now.
"I don't even want to go out. The thing about Willis point a lot of cyclists use it for training because it's a good hill climb even the tour de rock use it for training, it's pretty wide open, not a lot of traffic on there it's pretty safe. Maybe not safe after what I saw tonight (Friday)."

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