Fake news makes Island Better Business Bureau’s list of top scams

Fake news isn't just something US President Donald Trump complains about.

The Vancouver Island branch of the Better Business Bureau has put what they call "Hoax News" on their latest top 10 list of scams and frauds

They say it's not just political – fake news can be used to entice you into clicking a link that downloads viruses onto your computer or mobile device.

"I've been here 9 years now so I've seen 9 sets of 'top tens' and this is the very first time we've been looking at hoax news," says the BBB's Vancouver Island President Rosalind Scott. She says they've seen a big increase in complaints about fake news. "This is the first time it's been so rampant. It has really caught our attention and we’re, over and over again, warning people."

Scott says you should carefully consider the original source of all news content and be suspicious of unknown or pop-up news providers.

Also on the list of scams and frauds is "fake apps." Those are smart phone or tablet apps that are designed to look real but instead try to trick you into giving up credit card and personal information. In some cases, fake apps can even lock your devise until you pay the scam artist.

See their full list here.

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