Family of Sarah Beckett feel justice is not being served


The family of Constable Sarah Beckett, who was killed by a motor vehicle over a year ago, says they are dismayed and disappointed 
that Kenneth Jacob Fenton's trial has been adjourned for the eighth time.

Fenton was supposed to appear in court today but the hearing was adjourned and the date has been moved to May 18th.

Fenton faces charges including impaired driving causing death, flight from police causing death and dangerous driving causing death connected to an April 5, 2016, crash that killed the 32-year-old RCMP officer.

In a statement released today the family says and I quote, "we continue to be victimized by a judicial system that doesn't adequately consider the interests of those harmed. Despite the passage of over more than  a year."

The family asks, who is standing up for Sarah and who is standing up for police officers like her who put their lives at risk every day.

The family says they are looking and hoping for closure and an end to a tragic chapter in their lives.

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