Farm stand thief caught on surveillance camera

You've seen them around. Roadside stands where farmers and gardeners sell their produce, eggs, and flowers, asking users to leave their payment in a tin can or cash box.

It's called the honour system, but a very dishonest person has been stealing the cash from farm stands in Central Saanich.

The latest incident happened at an egg stand in Central Saanich Friday night. The difference is that the farmer had installed a surveillance camera, and a man driving a small blue Chevy can be seen grabbing the money box, and taking off.

Central Saanich Police spokesman Dan Cottingham says that video has proved useful:

" We believe we've identified the vehicle, and the people associated to it are known to us. So we're pretty confident we'll have a successful conclusion to this particular theft."

Cottingham say it's believed the suspect may also be responsible for other farm stand thefts -- and possibly not just in Central Saanich.  He asks anyone who is aware of a small blue car involved in similar crimes in other jurisdictions to contact Central Saanich police so they can tie it all together.

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