Father of murdered Lindsay Buziak reacts to latest development


The Father of murdered 24-year-old Lindsay Buziak weighed in on the latest development on a blog he himself set up after it became apparent Saanich police had run out of clues and evidence to catch the Former Realtor's killer or killers. Jeff Buziak's daughter was murdered in 2008 while showing a home in Saanich. 

Buziak makes no secret of how frustrated he is with investigators. "They need to do something, they need to give the community some answers they need to tell the community we're on this, we have some suspects, if they can't provide that to a community in nine and half years, they've failed they need to hand this off to someone else."

In spite of the lack of progress in solving the crime, Buziak says he's not giving up.

Saanich police told CFAX 1070 Thursday night they would be following up on the latest post on Buziak's site which features what appears to be a confession by the murderer.

The post includes a poorly written confession that starts with, "I killed Lindsey and stupid cops will never prove it so you all got nothin."  

NBC profiled the crime on its highly-rated Dateline program.

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