Federal employees rally on 2nd anniversary of the Phoenix Pay system

Federal government employees are marking the 2nd anniversary of the troubled Phoenix Pay system with a national day of action, holding rallies and marches across the country.

Here in Victoria about 200  Public Service Alliance members and labour supporters turned out to protest pay cheques that are regularly wrong. They carried signs proclaiming " Burnt By Phoenix" and "Fix Phoenix Pay System".

Trevor Brett of Victoria says he hasn't had one correct pay cheque since Phoenix was introduced, either being under paid or not paid at all.

" Not paid at all, well it happened this past pay, and it's happened a couple of times before. But normally I've never been overpaid, I've always been underpaid. So far this year it's probably $22-hundred or so, and it's only 2 months into the year."

There was a funding commitment for Phoenix in this week's federal budget. But PSAC National President, Robyn Benson, says the government is not off the hook until members are finally paid correctly and on time.

As for those who have received overpayments, the union wants the government to stop requiring members to pay back the gross amount -- saying Ottawa needs to get it right, not add to the work and stress members are enduring.

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