First come first served


The road to becoming a legitimate pot dispensary in Victoria took another step forward Thursday night.
Victoria council discussed 2 rezoning applications, problem is both applications contravene the cities zoning policies. Both are located in 500 block of Yates, within 200 metres of the other, which is a no go for the city.
Council chose to move forward on a "first come first serve basis." So the first application received got the green light, which means it will move to the public hearing phase next. Councillor Geoff Young says all this work could be for nought once the Federal government releases their policies, "my concern is we'll do all this work and drag people out and then finally the Federal government will come out with regulations which will throw a monkey wrench into whatever it is we've done and some of these businesses will go under."
Young says he's keeping a close eye on how Langford and Nanaimo are dealing with their dispensaries. There are currently between 35 and 40 pot dispensaries in Victoria

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