Five people sent to hospital after car drives in pole in Vic West


Victoria Police say they are investigating a collision in Vic West late Friday night that involved a car being driven into a pole.

It happened last night at around 11:30pm at Wilson Street and William Street.

Acting Victoria Fire Battalion Chief Lance Mitchell says when fire crews got there; four people were outside of the vehicle while one person had to be cut out of the car using "jaws of life."

“Rescue crew and the engine crew and the engine crew and the engine crew stabilizing the car and used hydraulic spreaders to spread the door and cutters to cut the hinge and pull the door right off.”

Mitchell says the five people were taken to hospital with unspecified injuries.

Victoria Police aren't commenting on the crash other than it's still under investigation.

Neighbours in the area say there was a huge assortment of fire, police and ambulance at the scene.

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