Former BC Solicitor General critical of new job announcement by former Victoria Police Chief

Just last week, former Victoria Police Chief, Frank Elsner wrote to the Police Board saying his employment relationship with the board would end.

This week, on his Linked In page, Elsner has announced he has a new job as the managing principal consultant for UMBRA Strategic Solutions, which has been formed in response to the emerging legal cannabis market.  It goes on to say, "Chief Elsner has spent a career building integrity, professionalism and legitimacy in the policing community and now can use those skills to protect and expand your investment."

Kash Heed, former Liberal MLA, provincial solicitor general, police officer, and West Vancouver police chief is critical of the move.

"People are not going to be blindsided, they aren't going to be in awe that he was chief of police in two different jurisdictions.  They're going to want a quality individual, one that is going to represent their interests in a responsible and accountable fashion.  We didn't see that as him being chief of police in Victoria."

Elsner had been suspended with pay from his role as Police Chief for more than a year as he faced misconduct allegations relating to his 2015 admission that he sent inappropriate tweets to the wife of a subordinate officer.

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