Former tent city campers threaten another similar protest

Tent City campers who are now housed in the former Central Care Home on Johnson Street are becoming restless.

They says they aren't happy with their current living conditions and may be preparing for another tent city or some form of protest.

A group calling itself Super Intent City made up of former tent city residents and advocates issued an open letter calling for improvements to the building and living conditions.  The group points to issues ranging from lack of promised services to objections to such requirements of sign up sheets for guests.

Doug Swait who is a tenant at the building says it should be like other buildings where tenants are given their privacy

        "You shouldn't be restricted and asked for that kind of information and I-d.  Everything is being recorded and its being sent to other agencies. My friends and family don't want to come over and having that put through to them."

The building is operated by PHS Community Services Society that says the letter is partially accurate, but doesn't represent all tenants.


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