Former Victoria Councillor weighs in on VicPD Budget

Following Chief Del Manak's presentation to the council on Thursday, March 14, the issue of Victoria Police Department's budget has been pushed to next week

Vic PD wants an increase to hire 6 new officers and fill a civilian staff position, but council hasn't been willing to meet the 2.6 million dollar increase.

Former Victoria City Councillor, Chris Coleman says pushing the motion to next week is probably good news.

"It means that people are thinking about amendments and trying to address the Police Chief's concerns, and trying to find a way to make it work.  And I think also, the public are beginning to weigh in on council.  My read of reading your polls, and some other letters to the editor, and comments on television, that people are concerned about not having the proper policing function"

Coleman, says it's important to fund the police, and points to what happened when the tent city popped up at the courthouse lawns.

"Council had to allocate another $350,000 to policing, because we wanted to embed some police officers actually in tent city and have them there 24/7.  And the 350,000, I think, covered off a 90-day period.  So, if you try to undercut them, then accept the fact that some point down the road, you may have to give extraordinary funds.  So there are no cost savings"

He says it's better to be proactive rather than reactive, adding that policing should be a key service that gets full funding in order to provide safety and security for the public.

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