FortisBC urging customers to conserve natural gas after Tuesday's pipeline explosion

Following Tuesday's explosion on the Enbridge pipeline north of Prince George FortisBC warns there could be a shortage of natural gas, and urges customers to conserve.

The Enbridge lines impacted are the 2 main lines used to move gas into FortisBC's gas system to serve customers in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.
In a statement the company says they understand customers need heat, but ask people to limit their use of natural gas as much as possible -- suggesting turning off your thermostat, not turning on your fireplace or limiting your shower time.

Greater Victoria School District is one of those taking steps to cut natural gas use.

The District has lowered school thermostats by a few degrees -- but since things are still pretty mild they say students and staff shouldn't notice a difference.

FortisBC is looking to add to their supply by bringing in gas through the TransCanada line from Alberta and activating theTilbury and Mt Hayes liquefied natural gas plants. They've also talked to their industrial customers about switching to alternative fuel sources.

It's estimated about 70% of customers could possibly lose gas supply temporarily due to the incident.

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