Four mayors run unopposed in Greater Victoria as nomination period ends

The deadline passed Friday for candidate nominations in municipal elections across Greater Victoria and four municipalities do not have challengers for Mayor.

Ken Williams in the Highlands, David Screech in View Royal, Ryan Windsor in  Central Saanich, and John Ranns in Metchosin will not need to hit the campaign trail. All of these incumbent Mayors will be acclaimed for another term. In the Highlands all 6 people running for council are guaranteed a seat.

In Victoria there are 9 challengers facing Mayor Lisa Helps. In Saanich, Mayor Richard Atwell has three others looking to unseat him. 

Also on the ballot for the City Victoria and the District of Saanich, voters will also be asked if they are in favour of spending up to $250,000 for establishing a Citizens’ Assembly to explore the costs, benefits and disadvantages of the amalgamation between the two municipalities.

Here is a list of everyone running for Mayor or Council in Greater Victoria.


Incumbent Mayor: Lisa Helps.
Challengers: Saul Anderson, Rob Duncan, Michael Geoghegan, Stephen Hammond, David Arthur Johnston, Bruce McGuigan, Rymo (Ryan Moen), Alexander Schmid, Krzysztof Zmuda.
Council with eight seats available: Incumbants Marianne Alto, Ben Isitt, Jeremy Loveday, Pam Madoff, Charlayne Thornton-Joe, Geoff Young.
Challengers: Gary Alberts, Stephen Andrew, Darlene Archibald, Laurel Collins, Sharmarke Dubow, Steve Filipovic, Marg Gardiner, Riga Godron, James Harasymow,Rose Henry, Jesse Jimenez, Randie Johal, Edison Kahakauwila, Anna King, Sean Leitenberg, Grace Lore, Delmar Martay, Sarah Potts, Andrew Reeve, Jordan Reichert, Ted Smith, Doug Stewart, William Tate.


Incumbent Mayor: Richard Atwell.
Challengers: Fred Haynes•, David Shebib, Rob Wickson.
Council with eight positions available: Incumbants Susan Brice, Judy Brownoff, Colin Plant.
Challengers: Benjamin Allan, Trevor Barry, Kathleen Burton, Nathalie Chambers, Zac de Vries, Karen Harper, Ian Jessop, Vernon Lord, Rebecca Mersereau, Cory Montgomery, Shawn Newby, Teale Phelps Bondaroff, Art Pollard, Rishi Sharma, Ned Taylor.


Incumbent Mayor: Barb Desjardin.
Challenger: John Roe.
Council with six positions available: Incumbants Meagan Brame, Lynda Hundleby, Tim Morrison.
Challengers: Ken Armour, Veronica Laurel Greer, Jacob Helliwell, Andrew Hrushowy, Chris Munkacsi, Stephane Vaudandaine, Jane Vermeulen.

Central Saanich

Incumbent Mayor with no challenger: Ryan Windsor.
Council with six positions available: Incumbants Chris Graham, Carl Jensen, Zeb King, Niall Paltiel, Bob Thompson.
Challengers: Gord Newton, Kathryn Parfitt, Tayler Ruygrok, Joshua Steeper.


Incumbent Mayor: Carol Hamilton.
Challenger: Councilor Rob Martin.
Council with six positions available: Incumbants Cynthia Day, Gordie Logan, Dean Jantzen, Jason Nault.
Challangers: Michael Baxter, Doug Kobayashi, Scott McDonald, Eve Millington, Misty Olsen, Stewart Parkinson.


Incumbent Mayor with no challenger: Kenneth Williams.
Council with six positions available: Incumbants Leslie Anderson, Ann Baird, Gord Baird, Marcie McLean, Karel Roessingh.
Challenger: Rose Stanton.


Incumbent Mayor: Stew Young.
Challenger: Robert Fraser.
Council six positions available: Incumbants Denise Blackwell, Lillian Szpak, Roger Wade, Matt Sahlstrom, Lanny Seaton.
Challengers: Wendy Hobbs, Rick Johal, Norma Stewart.


Incumbent Mayor with no challenger: John E Ranns.
Council with four positions available: Incumbants Andy MacKinnon, and Kyara Kahakauwila.
Challengers: Darren Brown, Brian D Domney, Sharie Epp, Norm E Hardy, Jenny Millar, Marie-Terese Little.

North Saanich

No Incumbent Mayor:
Challangers: Dorothy Hartshorne, Geoff Orr.
Council with six positions available: Heather Gartshore, Jack McClintock, Celia Stock, Murray Weisenberger.
Challengers: Joscelyn Barnard, Brett Smyth.

Oak Bay

Incumbent Mayor: Nils Jensen.
Challenger: Kevin Murdoch.
Council with six positions available: Incumbants Hazel Braithwaite, Cairine Green, Tara Ney, Eric Zhelka,
Challengers: Andrew Appleton, Anton Brakhage, Isabella Lee, Esther Paterson, Andrew Stinson, Ronald Telfer.


Incumbent Mayor: Steve Price.
Challenger: Cliff McNeil-Smith.
Council with six positions available: Incumbants Barbara Fallot, Cam McLennan, Peter Wainwright.
Challengers: Sara Duncan, Scott Garnett, Melissa Hailey, Greg Lynn, Terri O’Keefe, Chad Rintoul, Jordan Templeman, Stephen Weller.


Incumbent Mayor: Maja Tait.
Challengers: Kevin Pearson, Mick Rhodes.
Council with six positions available: Incumbants Rick Kasper, Ebony Logins, Brenda Parkinson.
Challengers: Rick Armour, Jeff Bateman, Al Beddows, Doni Eve, Herb Haldane, Peter Jonassen, Megan McMath, Phil Rossner, Tony St-Pierre, Jeff Stewart.

View Royal

Incumbent Mayor with no challenger: David Screech.
Council with four positions available: Incumbants Damian Kowalewich, Ron Mattson, John Rogers.
Challengers: Nathan Daisley, Adam Flint, Gery Lemon.

CRD Electoral Areas

Juan de Fuca electoral area Incumbent: Mike Hicks.
Challenger: Daniel Yates.

Salt Spring Island
Challangers with no Incumbent: Gary Holman, and Robin Williams.

Southern Gulf Islands Incumbent: David Howe.
Challenger: Ken Hancock.

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