From tent city to swings and teeter totters


The playground that is replacing tent city at the Victoria Court house is taking shape. 

Several volunteer groups are on hand Friday to begin construction of the children's play area. 

Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizen's services, Amrik Virk, says it will take a couple of weeks to complete and taxpayers are not footing the entire $280 thousand dollar cost for the playground.

“There’s an anonymous donor that doesn’t want to be identified that decided to put in $150,000. There is the Tire Stewardship council of BC that is donating the entire surface equipment that the kids are walking on that and that’s $80,000.”

Virk says his Ministry is putting in $50,000.

Remediation of the site has already cost taxpayers more than 350 thousand dollars. 

When asked about the possibility of overnight campers being allowed at the playground, Virk was frank in saying it wouldn’t be allowed.

The playground equipment was selected by kids in Victoria. 

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