Fundraising target for Hermann's Jazz Club has been met, and exceeded

The Arts on View Society has secured enough money to acquire Hermann's Jazz Club.

As part of an agreement with the owner, the Society needed to raise $75,000 by April 15th in order to secure the lease.

The Arts on View Society Director, Bill Turner, tells CTV News that they were very near the goal on Wednesday when they put on a fundraising concert.

"That night alone it jumped by $18,000.  We went right over the top, and everybody that was there of course knew they were pushing it over the top, so it was a good feeling because there was just so much enthusiasm at the event for that and making it happen."

The Society exceeded their goal , and has raised over 91-thousand dollars.  Turner says the extra funding can go towards securing the venue earlier and easier, and also be used for some much needed maintenance work.

"Things like the carpet are 21 years old and showing wear in a lot of places, and things like that will need to be replaced.  The question would do we do it now or a year from now, and if we can do it sooner it's probably better.  And there's some kitchen things to do." 

He adds that the society is a charity that works with musicians, and does a lot of work with school bands.  He says the extra funds could be used to start planning events and programs for kids that would start in the fall.

Turner says they have notified the owners that they've secured the money and are going ahead as planned, and hopes to have filled out the lease paperwork by May 1st. 

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