Funeral Friday for sisters found dead in Oak Bay

The funeral for Aubrey and Chloe Berry, the two girls found dead in in their father's Beach Drive apartment on Christmas Day, takes place Friday.

The funeral starts at 11am at Christ Church Cathedral and is open to the public.

Ansley Tucker, Dean of the Christ Church Cathedral, will conduct the sermon, "you go deep into yourself and try to identify from your own experience what other people might be needing to hear. Then you spend a lot of time deciding what not to say."

Tucker says different people will grab onto different elements of the service, "it's not really what I say that matters is a service like this. It's not just the sermon. There are stories, sometimes that is what will touch people. There are prayers, and that will help some people. There will be music and song."

The bodies of Aubrey and Chloe, aged four and six, were found after their mother reported the girls overdue from a visit with their father.

Their father is in custody and faces two charges of second-degree murder.

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