Garden suite study being conducted in District of Saanich

The District of Saanich is considering allowing residents to have garden suites, which are currently not allowed under current rules.

They have been getting more feedback from residents to allow garden suites to help pay for home mortgages, and the district also hopes they will help ease the burden on the housing market.

Councillor Vicki Sanders says there are instances still where homes wouldn't be allowed a garden suite under the new rules.

"In the case of if the home already has a secondary suite they wouldn't be able to have a garden suite, whether that adds the opportunity maybe for homes that can't provide a secondary suite, they could provide a garden suite instead," Sanders said. "It is an opportunity to increase housing."

The study will take place approximately 12 months, with open houses and pop-up displays happening regularly to allow for public input.

The next open house will be March 17 at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre between 2 and 5 p.m.

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