Gas prices could take another jump


If you were shocked by gas prices the last time you pulled up to the pump you won't like where prices may be going.
Prices jumped 10 cents a litre last week and according to Dan McTeauge of Gas, they could jump again by the end of next week.
"Wholesale prices already jumped by 10 cents late last week and they are expected to rise two and half cents a litre Sunday."
McTeague blames the price increase on the price of wholesale gas charged by the US refineries in Washington State.
"Among the four refineries in Washington State, if any of them go through maintenance or are pressured by higher prices in other markets they will sell their gas to California who are prepared to pay a ten or twelve cent premium." Once that happens that becomes the going rate. So look for local operators to raise prices again late next week if, as McTeague predicts, whole sale prices rise by two and a half cents a litre Sunday.

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