Gas station fire causes $20,000 in damage

Victoria Firefighters responded to a fire at the Petro-Canada station at 1600 Fairfield road at around 2 am on Saturday, May 4.

11 firefighters arrived on the scene in a fire engine, a rescue vehicle, and a ladder truck.

The fire, which was burning behind the garage, damaged tires, miscellaneous supplies equipment and items in storage, and the neighbouring fence and hedge.

Victoria Fire Battalion Chief, Greg Batters, says all fires are dangerous, but gas station fires are even more so, and thankfully they have good equipment and capable personnel.

"Our guys are good, we used a foam product in our water, which helps break the surface tension of the things that are burning, which helps mitigate the extent of damage"

He says the foam is used to fight all types of fires, but they use more in this type of situation, where flammables are present.  Crews also hosed down the neighbouring houses and businesses to stop the flames from spreading.

The estimated cost of the damage is $20,000.  The cause of the fire is unknown.

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