Giant reefballs to be dropped into Victoria Harbour

A ceremony involving a crane dumping several reefballs into Victoria Harbour will take place Thursday morning off Fishermen's Wharf.

It's part of a project called the Victoria Harbour Pilot Reefball Placement

Two pilot projects are being launched in the harbour. One at Fisherman’s Wharf, and the second set of reefballs to be placed at the Victoria International Marina, supported by the Marina and Claremont High School’s Global Solutions Program.

Reefballs are hollow concrete balls that can be used in the harbour to provide both fish habitat and settling habitat for invertebrates and algae. 

They have been used locally off the Ogden Breakwater and previously at the Sidney Pier. 

Monitoring of projects will be available for public review of on-line video footage, by way of an underwater drone.

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