Glass Might Not Be Recycled Properly

If you're putting glass into the blue bins for pickup, it may not end up being recycled.

Glass picked up on residential pick ups from single family homes in the CRD do make it to the recycling centre. 

Russ Smith Senior Manager of Enviromental Resources at the CRD, says because of the regualtions surrounding contamination, glass in multi-family complexes might end up in the dump.

"Basically the contamination threshold's when a bucket of glass comes into a processing facility, if there's too much contamination, that material gets rejected. When that material is determined too contaminated, ultimately it has to end up in the landfill as rejected"

If you're in a multi-family complex that doesn't have glass collection as part of the services, then the only way to ensure it gets recycled it by taking it to the depots.

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