Global Day of Climate Action Event at the Legislature

A peaceful event is planned for Saturday, at the legislature for the Global Day of Climate Action.

It will be part celebration, as the Trans Mountain Expansion's construction has been halted. It will also be part protest, as the smoke that dominated our skies is a warning of what's to come if emmediate action isn't taken. 

People will be gathering on the lawn of the legislature from noon to 2:30 to demand bold action from local leaders and governments to create a live-able climate future.

The protest, organized by Rise and Resist, is one of thousands organized around the world.  They demand an end to new fossil fuel mega-projects, like the Trans Mountain Expansion; a commitment to build fossil fuel free world; and a transition to 100 percent renewable energy.

Protesters in Victoria will take part in activites, such as a big mural painting, a group photo, speaches and more.

They will be focusing on citizen engagement to bring about action to end the climate emergency.

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