Golden Pheasant on the lam


There is an exotic bird on the loose in the Royal Oak area. Local Bird expert Anne Nightingale tells CFAX 1070 a "Golden Pheasant" has been on the lam for almost 3 months. "We've known about it and people have been quite surprised by it, this is the same bird that resembles a certain President."

A CFAX Listener spotted the bird in the Maltwood Terrace area Thursday night. Yvonne McKenzie describes what she saw. "A large chicken head and bright, bright butter yellow head and neck."

Nightingale says they checked with Lavender Farms to see if the bird belonged to them but it did not.

Somehow this "Golden Pheasant" has managed to avoid predators and elude capture.

The Bird has also been spotted around the Rithet's Bog area.  

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