Greater Victoria ranked #2 for amount of scenic restaurants in Canada

Victoria Empress

Victoria has so many scenic restaurants, that the region nearly topped the charts.

The OpenTable app released it's Top 100 Scenic Restaurants in Canada list, and Greater Victoria tied with Toronto for second place, with Vancouver taking the number 1 spot

Jeff Bray, executive director of the Downtown Victoria Business Association, says having 11 restaurants on the list is big news for Victoria.

"I would sort of say this would be like getting a top ranking on Expedia or something like that.  People from around the world use this app, and so this is not only locals, but international people who are not only enjoying it, but actually going that extra effort to actually put in a rating and record it"

He adds that scenery is nice, but it's the meal that really makes a difference.

"If you have a sub-par meal, it sort of impacts the scenery.  You wouldn't be so big on talking about the scenery if you have a sub-par meal.  But if you have a good meal, then you're motivated to give credit and give feedback through the app.  So it speaks to not only the scenery, but it also speaks to the overall food and beverage products that we have here in Victoria.  That's to me why this is such a positive news story."

He says Victoria's food scene has been featured in prominent publications recently, including the New York Times and Washington Post, and he's not surprised that the region is nearly topping the list.

Bray adds both visitors and Victorians should go out, and experience some of the great restaurants in and around the city.

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