Greater Victoria School District investing $1.25 mill in new tech


Kids in the Greater Victoria School District will be getting to enjoy the use of new technology.

The District is investing $1.21 million to get 2,300 new Chromebooks and IPads in time for the next school semester this September.

The new tech means in Elementary and Middle Schools in the district will have a 4:1 ratio of student to tech devices.  High schools will have one device for every six students.

“Investing in technology opens doors for student learning that frankly didn’t exist before,” noted Piet Langstraat, Superintendent of the Greater Victoria School District said in a news release. “Mobile technology facilitates opportunities for students to work in groups and to explore concepts outside of traditional classroom environments.”

The District says the big investment is to ensure students have access to the tech and skills required in the new global economy.

They are also trying to facilitate a shift from personal computers to mobile devices to create a more collaborative learning environment.

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