Greater Victoria School District wants parents' input about student enrolment priorities

Victoria school officials are seeing a steady rise in school enrolment numbers and long term projections indicate the Greater Victoria School District could see an increase of 2,000 students over the next decade.


While it's expected Greater Victoria's 47 schools can accommodate the projected increase, some schools will face a challenge to meet the demand for catchment students as well as overall choice of schools.

The Greater Victoria School District is seeking input from parents as part of a review of the current priorities and the overall registration and transfer process.

Piet Langstraat, Superintendent of Greater Victoria Schools tells CFAX accommodating overall students will not be that difficult.

"Where the challenge lies is in accommodating the demand for some specific schools, and it's not only accommodating choice, but were in some cases we're actually challenged to meet the demand of students who live in the neighbourhood--so they are catchment schools."

In an effort to reach as many parents across the District as possible, an online survey is available to collect input. 


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