Heartbroken father issues plea for missing daughter


The father of missing 16-year-old Makayla Chang is speaking out from prison in an effort to find his missing daughter. 

A heartbroken father is struggling to understand where his missing 16-year-old daughter could be. Kerry Chang, Makayla's father, is serving 6 months in prison for a firearms offense. 

He believes something terrible has happened to Makayla and he feels that 53-year-old Steven Bacon, the man who developed a relationship with his daughter, knows more than he's letting on.

Makayla has been missing for almost a month now and her family says she would never go this long without contacting them if something wasn't wrong.

Little is known about her movements except that she spent time with  Bacon. "I love my daughter so much and I will do anything to get her back, Steven if you know where she is please, please make the call."

Kerry Chang currently serving time at the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre in Saanich, has applied for a compassionate temporary absence so that he can help search for his daughter.

RCMP say their investigation is continuing.

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