Hepatitis A found pineapple packs sold across B.C.


BC's centre for disease control says the hepatitis A virus has been detected in packaged pineapple chunks sold across B.C. under the Western Family brand.

It's likely there will be further announcements about contaminated products, according to the agency. Officials suspect other products could be contaminated as well. 

Anyone who ate the pineapple chunks on or after Aug. 18 is advised to get a hepatitis A vaccine immediately; the vaccine can prevent infection if administered within two weeks of exposure to the virus.

So far, no illnesses have been reported.

The affected Western Family pineapple chunks had a best before date of Aug. 19. 

Hepatitis A symptoms include nausea, yellow skin or eyes, loss of appetite, fever, stomach ache, dark-coloured urine, and light or whitish bowel movements.

The BCCDC warned the symptoms, which can develop 15 to 50 days after exposure, can be so mild that someone might not even know they have the virus, but Hepatitis A can still be life-threatening for the elderly or people with chronic liver disease.

Anyone who develops symptoms is advised to contact a doctor.

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