High flying kite interferes with inner harbour air traffic

Nav Canada called VicPd Tuesday afternoon to report a kite flying so high it was interfering with air traffic in the inner harbour.  The kite was estimated at about 1,000 feet.

While officers looked for the kite owner, air traffic had to be diverted for a time. Officers found the kite flyer in the 600-block of Head Street in Esquimalt, and spoke with him.    

Cnst Matt Rutherford says kite enthusiasts and others should use common sense when enjoying their hobby:

"Use some common sense. One thousand feet is far too high to be flying a kite in this city, especially when we have an active area downtown where planes and helicopters land. Same with drones. There's no drones downtown because there's a certain distance you have to be away form an active airport."

Rutherford says the incident is concerning, and police will be liaising with Transport Canada to determine the next steps.

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