Horse Carriage Operator reacts to BC-SPCA recommendations

The owner-Operator of Tally Ho Carriage Tours is shocked and disappointed the BC-SPCA would make recommendations that would see 2 horse-tour companies banned from downtown streets and relegated to parks without telling them.

Donna Friedlander's company was not the one involved in a recent incident at Ogden Point where 2 horses fell after being crowded by a bus -- but she defends the business as a whole, saying  it has an impressive safety record:

" You know the safety in this industry is amazing.  We've got a .00001 percent incident rate in the last 20 years.  And I've been involved in this industry for about 25 years and I can't remember the last time any horse was seriously injured on the job." 

Freidlander says Tally Ho is already doing some of the things the SPCA is recommending.  She says she has a good working relationship with the local SPCA -- and hopes to have a seat at the table for further discussions with council.

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