Hundreds gather for Strike 4 Climate rally

Youth across the region took place in  a global movement today, the Youth Strike 4 Climate.

Hundreds of youths, along with hundreds of other supporters, skipped class to gather outside the BC Legislature on Friday. 

It was one of nearly 100 Youth Strike 4 Climate rallies that took place around the world, where youths are uniting to demand action be taken to stop climate change.

The movement, which was started by 16 year old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, is calling for an end to fossil fuel production, a move towards green energy, preservation of public lands and wildlife, creating and maintaining clean water supply, ending the logging of old growth forest, and declaring climate change as a national emergency.

Siena, an Environmental Studies and Sociology student at UVic, says the movement is an effort to call on the government to make significant changes.

"We want to move on from fossil fuel and the oil industry to greener energy, especially because the technology is developed, it's all there, we just need to make that switch. Ands also just perception of what it means to be a person of this world, take on the responsibility and understand that it's all about our future generations."

Aside from the demand of government and corporate changes, Siena adds that there are also ways people can make a difference at home.

"Just take an interest and be more aware of changes we can make as individuals.  Like create less waste, and seek more information on it."

The worldwide movement was sparked by the report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which says if changes aren't made to meet a 1.5 degree Celsius increase, then the world could reach a tipping point by 2030.

Ronan is also a UVic student, he says action has to be taken to ensure the earth survives for future generations.

"You might picture the end of the world as something that happens very quick, but it's in fact a real slow process.  A lot of people can't register that, which makes sense because it's just so slow.  So having these events are just so important to driving home the importance of the issue."

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